Small Talk

Начала проверку работ. Так вполне-вполне.

Началось все прямо с загадочной фразы 

I strongly believe that although subjects such as health and environment are the most fundamental part of our life.

Дальше был какой физиологический апокалипсис и разрушение моральных устоев

First of all in public places may also be children, pregnant and with health problems...

И еще один физиологический казус, напомнивший мне сцену из Здравствуйте, я - ваша тетя! :

Smoking people make people who are not smoking feel uncomfortable.

Ну и диалогические обмены с второй репликой на выбор:

- It s the second time my purse has been stolen this month!

a) Oh, you lucky thing!
b) I can t believe your luck!

И лидер моего персонального зачета:

Do you mind if I borrow your pencil for a minute?

a) I d rather not.
b) Not at all.

Вообще, какое-то южноафриканское утро: ройбуш и эссе Кутзее.
А писатели мои пишут...

`Who are you talking to? said the King, going up to Alice, and looking at the Cat s head with great curiosity. 
`It s a friend of mine--a Cheshire Cat, said Alice: `allow me to introduce it.  
`I don t like the look of it at all, said the King: `however, it may kiss my hand if it likes.  
`I d rather not, the Cat remarked.

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